WCSB9 Conference Successfully Held at Beijing 

On 7-9 May 2019, the 9th World Conference on Sampling and Blending (WCSB9) was successfully held at Beijing.The conference was hosted by BGRIMM Group and jointly organized by BGRIMM MTC Technology Co., Ltd. and Unismart Events Ltd, with support from China Mining Association, China Association for Instrumental Analysis and Chinese Society for Metals. WCSB9 attracted 555 delegates from 23 countries including the world’s top experts, scholars, and leaders and other delegates fromof many well-known enterprises from home and abroad in the field of sampling and blending, covering such fields as mining, metallurgy, cement, food, pharmacy, agriculture and environmental protection, etc.

The WCSB9 consisteds of 12 sessionsforums, which includeding 50 academic presentationsreports and one special panel. The number of papers of 100 in WCSB9 Proceedings is the largest number ever in WCSB history. The associated exhibition attracted 43 exhibitors, including 29 Chinese exhibitors and 14 foreign exhibitors.

By hosting the WCSB9 in China, BGRIMM Group aims to bring together top international sampling theory experts and scholars to exchange fundamental as well as application ideas, discuss cutting-edge academic theories and research results in the field of sampling and blending, share the latest technological progresses and practical experience, and to deepen exchanges and understanding among all parties, so as to achieve the goals of seeking common ground while shelving differences and achieving win-win cooperation.