Amira 24-hour Global Muster : Future Processing

Three BGRIMM Technology Group engineers including Dr. Song Tao, Mr. Liu Haiying, and Mr. Xue Yufei took part in the Amira 24-hour Global Muster: Future Processing event held from 26 – 27 May.

Spanning a full 24 hours, the global online collaborative event hosted in partnership with ALTA held conversations, discussions, panels, workshops and road mapping allowing the world to collaborate and shine a light on the latest advances, showcase research, development, technology, innovation and implementation.

Dr. Song Tao delivered a speech titled Mineral Processing Simulation Application in BGRIMM, The report mainly introduces the background, progress and application of BGRIMMs research on mineral processing modeling and simulation technology.

Mr. Liu Haiying made a presentation titled Disposal and Utilization of Aluminum Electrolytsis Industry Hazardous Solid Waste. It focused on the technology of the high-temperature treatment of aluminum cathode carbon blocks waste, including analysis of raw material characteristics, progress of technical development and industrial application.

Mr. Xue Yufei delivered a presentation titled Technology and equipment for lithium extraction from salt lake. It introduces BGRIMMs research and application of the process flow of lithium extraction and a corrosion-resistant chamber extraction equipment which is of high-efficiency and high-throughput.

The reports of the three BGRIMM experts were well-received by the participating global industry experts. BGRIMM Technology Group will continue to keep pace with the leading development trends in the global mining, processing and smelting industry and endeavor to make our contributions to the development of the international industry.