Project References

Project descriptionCompleted yearBGRIMM’s Role
Venezuela Christina gold mine2015FS+EPCM
Ethiopia Werri gold mine2014Engineering
Chengde Tianlingkuanghua low-grade-vanadium-titanium-magnetic-iron-phosphate mine2014Engineering
Qinghai Yemaquan iron mine project2013Engineering
Qinghai Galinge iron mine project2013Engineering
Heilongjiang Luming molybdenum mine2013Engineering
Xinjiang Jinshan gold mine2013Engineering
Xinjiang Hudehe copper mine2013Engineering
Congo (Kinshasa) Lusha copper & cobalt mine2013Engineering
Congo (Kinshasa) MKM copper & cobalt mine2013Engineering
Tajikistan Pakrut gold mine2013Engineering
Yunnan Beiya gold mine phase III project2013Engineering
Xinjiang jinshan gold mine project2013Engineering
Samsung CongoCMSK copper & cobalt mine2013Engineering
Saudi Arabia As Suq gold mine2013EPCM
Yunnan Jinping Chang’an gold mine2013Engineering
Qinghai Wulonggou gold mine2012FS, engineering
Nanjing Yuntaishan iron mine concentrator2012Engineering
Xinjiang Tianhu iron mine2012Engineering
Saudia Arabia AL-Masane copper/zinc mine2012EPC
Taihe iron mine concentrator2011Engineering
Orientation Group Bolivia Muton2011FS
iron mine
Zambia ICHIMPE copper mine2011Engineering
Yunnan Beiya gold mine update project of phase I2011Engineering
Baiyunebo west mine Volt iron concentrator2010Engineering
Brazil Ferrous iron mine2010FS/BE
Zambia Luanshya copper mine2010Engineering
Xinjiang Xingta gold mine2010Engineering
Luobukan iron mine of HANKING group2009Engineering
Shuangyashan tungsten mine concentrator2008Engineering
Simao copper mine project2008Engineering
Kazakhstan Nicola iron mine2007Engineering
Kazakhstan multi-metallic mine upgrade project2007Engineering
Heilongjiang Yichun molybdenum mine2007Basic engineering
CJY zinc/gold mine – 2nd phase2007EPCM
Sichuan Gacun multi-metallic mine2006Engineering
Kazakstan Copper Industry Company Aktogai project2006Basic engineering
Business building , ball mill plant, drying plant2005Engineering
magnetic material production line2005Engineering
Laiyuan xinxin mining company concentrator project2005Engineering
Tibet Yulong copper mine2005Feasibility study
Guangdong Dabaoshan copper mine- 2nd phase2004Engineering
Jiangxi Huichang tin mine2004Feasibility study
Duobaoshan copper mine2004Feasibility study
Bayanhaer gold mine project2009EPCM
Yunnan Beiya gold mine phase II project2009Engineering
Inner Mongolia Changshanhao gold mine project2007EPCM
Zijin gold smelter2007Engineering
Shandong Zhaoyuan gold smelter2006Engineering
Qinghai TJS gold mine (1st and 2nd phase )2006EPCM
Gansu Lufeng gold mine2005Engineering
Hunchun copper smelter2013Engineering
Saudi Arabia Jizan copper, zinc and lead smelter2012BFS
Anhui Chizhou copper smelter2011Engineering
Xinjiang Xinhui copper smelter2010Engineering
MITTAL direct reduce iron (DRI) project in Johannesburg, South Africa2008EPC
Qinghai Yuanshishan nickel/ iron mine smelter2007Engineering
Zhongyuan gold smelter - 15000t-Cu project2007Engineering
Shangluo zinc smelter upgrade project2006Engineering
Peru zinc smelter2006Engineering
Shizhuyuan bismuth concentrate slurry electrowinning plant2005Engineering
Chifeng lindong lead smelter2005Basic engineering