COMMUS SAS Copper and Cobalt Comprehensive Recovery Project Put into Production

The second phase of COMMUS SAS copper and cobalt comprehensive recovery and utilization project has been approved since the end of 2017 and was put into operation at the end of 2019. At present, it has the production capacity of 100,000 tons of metal copper. As the designer of the project, BGRIMM fully performs its design strength in improving the cost recovery of flotation and smelting of the existing mine by 5.6% and 4.1% respectively.

Within two years, a design team composed of BGRIMM’s engineering company, metallurgy institute and environmental protection institute and covering 16 specialties has carefully determined the process flow, production equipment, plant site layout, product scale, etc. based on the design principles of reliable technology, reasonable economy and "fine equipment, light workshop", taking into account the local natural conditions and external transportation conditions, and completed the client's entrusted business with high efficiency and quality.

COMMUS SAS copper and cobalt resources comprehensive recovery and utilization project is located in the southwest of koluwezi City, luaraba Province, Democratic Republic of Congo. Located in the Zambia Congo gold copper (cobalt) ore belt, the water content of the local oxidized ore and sulfide ore varies greatly, which requires a very high process scheme and equipment selection. In the early stage of design, the first problem faced by BGRIMM’s project design team is the grinding process with high difficulty. The grinding process is a key technical problem in design of beneficiation process, which not only affects capital construction investment, but also determines production stability and operation cost to a large extent. In face of this situation, BGRIMM’s design team has designed two kinds of grinding schemes successively. According to type of raw ore minerals, occurrence conditions, surface topography, combined with ore supply conditions and plant site location of subsequent process workshop of the concentrator, taking into account the results of comprehensive index ratio of beneficiation equipment and technology economy of the two schemes, overtime work and the shortest time, the grinding process with the highest comprehensive benefit has been formulated.

Cost control of metallurgical process is very important in the project construction. BGRIMM’s design team always adheres to the belief of "creating value for the owner", compares selection of acid leaching residue washing scheme, extraction box material and degreaser, weighs cost of sulfuric acid preparation and procurement, and saves construction investment by nearly ten million yuan.

At the same time, the design team carries out on-site investigation and data research on the environment and logistics transportation in the surrounding areas of the project for many times, comprehensively analyzes problems of plant construction, earthwork transportation, surrounding environment, energy conditions, raw material sources, etc., provides the owner with the plant site layout optimization scheme and product scale, and comprehensively improves the resource utilization rate and comprehensive benefit of the project.

Through this overseas cooperation, BGRIMM jointly implements the idea of "going global" with the owner of the project, the Zijin Mining, and helps to fulfill its social, economic, and political responsibilities, achieve complementary advantages and realize common development.