BGRIMM makes targeted efforts to strengthen prevention and control of the novel coronavirus spread

The prevention and control measures taken by BGRIMM in response to the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus is rapid, efficient and open. Since the coronavirus outbreak happens during the Spring Festival when BGRIMM Staff go back to hometown to have family reunion. Therefore, BGRIMM investigated and categorized all personnel according to their whereabouts during the Spring travel rush, their population exposure and body conditions to preliminarily identify and diminish the possible infection cases. BGRIMM also organizes all departments and subsidiaries within China to report staff’s body temperatures on daily basis during the Spring festival holiday to help to identify and curb occurrence of new cases.

Meanwhile, a series of conferences presided over by BGRIMM board chairman Xia Xiao’ou were convened to deploy work arrangements to fight against the virus spread.  All senior executives including General manager Han Long, deputy party secretary of BGIMM Wang Weidong, etc. took part in the conference and jointly make detailed work plans. Official documents namely Knowledge Manual on the Prevention and control of 2019-nCoV and BGIMM Group's Emergency Plan for Prevention and Control of 2019-nCoV Spread etc. were issued and publicized within BGRIMM Group. Offices, canteen and shuttle buses are disinfected to be prepared for staff to back to office.

As a SOE directly administered under the SASAC (The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission), BGRIMM shoulders its social responsibility in combating coronavirus spread in Pingyu County, the designated poverty alleviation county of BGRIMM Group, keep a close eye on the local virus spread and donated 1 million yuan to help Pingyu to win the battle against infection.  

Up to now, no coronavirus infection is suspected or confirmed among BGRIMM staff. BGRIMM will make continued efforts in the epidemic control both within and beyond.